While I was in London in May for my professional dance training with Akram Khan company, I passed by at the Tate Modern Gallery and it was transformed in “Musée de la danse”.
Besides watching many interesting performances with famous choreographers, I unexpectedly stepped into an open contemporary dance one: “Levée des conflits” directed by Boris Chamartz.
Dancing in the Turbine Hall of the biggest art gallery in the world, a place I adore, has been empowering; definitely I enjoyed to sense with my whole body that amazing and inspiring place!
In the video the result (it’s an hour long, but you can see from 32 minutes) and here my feelings right after that experience.

You dance in the centre of the world.
Glittering sphere above my head.
People around you are dancing and
I am people. People are me.
I reflect myself in the mosaic mirrors.
And I can see beauty. I am.”

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